Don’t Lapse that life insurance, get your value out of your policy.

For years, we have been conditioned to lapse life insurance when its no longer needed. We didn’t understand the full value of these policies. By lapsing we were simply giving that value back to the carriers. Not anymore.

Today, we can sell, gift, or update these policies to better suit our current needs.

Life insurance can provide you value in many different ways depending on your current situation. We can help you make the best decisions.


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A strong secondary market for life insurance policies does exist.  Large financial institutions purchase these policies as investments.  They are looking for people over 70 or with major health issues.

Yes.  There are several ways to accomplish this.  Conduct a policy review to find out what options you have in your scenario.  If you sell your policy, you will have no future premium obligations.

When you lapse a policy, any value beyond the cash surrender value goes back to the life insurance carrier.  You will no longer have options that may be more beneficial to you.

Life insurance is personal property.  It is an incredible opportunity to pass wealth on to the next generation.  Many people start by trying to keep this opportunity within the family.  If that is not an option in your case, making a charitable gift of life insurance can be a fulfilling option.

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